26 April 2013

- Eating Out: the Adobo Connection! -

I love adobo. And so do a lot of Pinoys, being the pinakasikat among our dishes. I have a kumare who loves adobo but can't stand the smell of vinegar because it triggers her asthma (nakakaloka diba?!)... but shempre, kung gusto - may paraan! There was this one time she wanted adobo so badly... ang ginawa ko, I used unsweetened pineapple juice in cooking adobo para makakain sha! In fer, masarap! Ganyan talaga ang love natin for adobo!
One afternoon after grocery shopping at SM Center Las Pinas, I asked Ate T if we could eat at Adobo Connection dahil bigla akong nagcrave for adobo pangmiryenda. Hehe. So off we trooped to Adobo Connection.
That afternoon was the 2nd time we've been there, but I still ordered the same thing - their bestseller Adobo sa Gata - with a choice of either pork or chicken adobo. I chose the former, of course. #happypork :)

[Adobo sa Gata Go Sulit meal comes with soup and a glass of iced tea - Php 125]

As described in the picture above showcasing the different adobo offerings, Adobo sa Gata is "chicken or pork adobo braised in a unique blend of coconut oil, garlic and chili pepper". I learned to eat dishes with coconut milk (gata in Filipino) from my dad H - a true-blue Bicolano who likes all his dishes with gata.
I like the taste of the sauce, its creamy saltiness coating the pork cubes... and mixing a little of that red-hot pepper gives it a kick, increasing my kanin consumption! #halfricefail
The pork cubes were a little tough and more on the lean side. I wish they'd include some fat trimmings, which are prominent in adobo pork cuts. Anyways, even if I'm not fond of big pork cuts, I finished everything on my plate. Kasalanan ng sauce yan! :)
[Mama's Sweet Adobo ala carte - Php 99]

Ate T ordered something new to her - Mama's Sweet Adobo, "slow-cooked chicken or pork in sweet and peppery adobo sauce." This once's good - the chicken is well-cooked, tender and the sauce tastes great as well - just the right kind of sweetness! Maybe I'll order this next time but shempre, I'll make it pork. But I'm not too hopeful that it will be easier to chew, though. Home cooked adobo is still the best!

Try Adobo Connection for a quick adobo fix! :)

What: Adobo Connection (visit their site here for menu and prices)
Where: Ground floor SM Center Las Pinas (near Ace Hardware)
How much: Budget Php 150 - 250 per person especially if you're going to order side dishes and drinks to complement your adobo :)

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