15 April 2013

- Dessert Love: I Scream for (Salted Caramel) Ice Cream! -

I am an ice cream gerl - has been, and always will be! Nothing beats the swirl of cold and sweet creaminess on a hot summer day - or to cap off a ginormous full meal! Soshal na fried ice cream, dirty ice cream, yogurt ice cream, gelato - kahit ano nalang basta ice cream! Kaya yung mga display ng gelato shops sa mall ay ang ultimate eye candy ko - I could stare for hours and never make up my mind! Nagiging excuse ko na nga ang pagkain ng ice cream para hindi ako uminom ng milk - I tell people I'm lactose-intolerant. Hehe.

Anyways, like a good food lover, I am always on the lookout for new ice cream flavors... and look what we have here!

[ Nestle Temptations' Flavors of the World - French Salted Caramel! ]

Like cake, I am not fond of cupcakes. But after having discovered what red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes taste like, I am now trying to like cupcakes a wee bit more. So just imagine my delight finding my fave cupcake flavor in an ice cream! Woot woot! Shempre bili agad ako!

[From Nestle's Facebook page: "Swoon over the irresistably rich and velvety salted caramel ice cream with thick ribbons of caramel ribbon. Give in and say yes."]

...and I did! Who couldn't resist a salty 'n sweet combination?! Kaso lang, sa sobrang richness nya, I could only take 3 spoons and that's it. Hehe. Pangwala lang ng suya after meals. Oh well, this means I don't get to be too fat and my supply will run longer. #excuses
I'm also gonna try the other flavor (Italian Coffee Affogato) - hopefully, this'll stay in the market for a while! :)
[ Have a bite... I know you want to... #givein! :p ]

What: Nestle Temptations' Flavors of the World in French Salted Caramel; the other flavor is the Italian Coffee Affogato
Where: Puregold Starmall CV Starr; all leading groceries and supermarkets
How much: Php 199 for an 800 ml tub


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