22 April 2013

- Eye Love: Nichido Eye Pencils -

More often than not, I'm just so lazy to put on eyeshadow - maybe because I haven't really practiced my eye shading seriously. I just put them on kapag marami akong oras before my lakad and I can afford to redo my eye makeup. Besides, late bloomer ako pagdating sa eye makeup.

After reading a post on colored eye pencils from Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats, I searched for cheap ones that I can practice on... and I was so glad to have stumbled on Sab's blog that featured these gorgeous multi-colored eye pencils from Nichido!

These babies - which are cheap BUT so rich in color pay-off - come in a lot of colors suitable for everyday use! Since it's kohl-like in nature, it glides easily like crayon - no need to tug! Ang daling ilagay! Lemme show you my haul:

The Browns, though seemingly common, are really great if you want the "there-but-not-quite" color. My fave of the brown lot is the '24k' shade - the bronze-gold shade automatically brightens my otherwise dark, dull eye area. I love!


Ohhh... these 2 colors from the green lot are absolute favorites! Lagi ko silang nagagamit coz they're very versatile and can provide that color pop sa face mo. Additionally, you can have subtle smokey eyes - great for morning wear - with these colors... I'll show you why later. :)


Lastly, I deem these colors na 'pang-party' look because they're the more colorful ones of the lot and I think are best worn during nighttime. I remember metal blue lang yata nagamit ko dyan when I went to the mall during daytime - di ko keri yung iba. Hehe.

Each pencil comes with a rubber smudger on one end. Use this if you want to smudge the color for an easy smoky-eye look, as I mentioned earlier. Galing diba? Me, I prefer my colored line solid... or hindi lang talaga ako marunong mag smoky-eye. Everytime I attempt to do smoky-eye, mukha daw akong binugbog sa mata sabi ni Ate T. Hehe.

I also bought home these nifty helpers:

Their eye pencil sharpener and eyebrow brush are made of good material and are pretty cheap! The eyebrow brush has really semi-hard slanted bristles that keep the brow hairs in place!
So there you have it - my happy cheap haul from Nichido! Do check out their stalls in leading department stores!
[Aren't they gorgeous? :) ]
What: Nichido Colored Eye Pencils, Sharpener and Brow Brush
Where: Nichido counter, SM Southmall Las Pinas City
How much: Eye pencils - Php 80 each; Sharpener - Php 36.50; Brow brush - Php 45


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