19 April 2013

-My First (Hopefully the Last) Trip to the E.R.-

I have always been thankful that I have never had to be brought to the hospital for any sickness. My 2 younger brothers have had hospital confinement during their younger years, but their ate's a toughie. There's no sickness I can't handle. Siguro kasing tigas ng ulo ko ang aking mga warrior cells sa katawan, kaya bihira ako mahawa sa kahit anong sakit. :)

[Alert: may contain too much info. Hehe.]

Last Saturday night, I noticed that I had peed out a lot of blood... I thought to myself that my monthly "friend" was coming up, so it might be the reason for that blood. Come Sunday and Monday, I was still peeing blood but I haven't had my period yet... just to be prudent, I went to my aunt doctor for a check-up. She asked me to do ultrasound and blood tests, which I did last Tuesday.

Before picking up our blood test results Wednesday morning, Ate T and I first ate brekky at Jollibee - a 1-piece chicken meal plus coffee to last me till lunch. My right abdomen just suddenly started churning right after finishing our meal - yung parang may hangin sa loob. We were able to go to Mercury to buy some Buscopan before hopping on a jeep to get to the laboratory. When we got to the lab, the pain was really bad na talaga. It's a wonder how I got home nga eh.

So by 8:30 am, I was at home, writhing in pain with a hot compress, trying to get air out of me... naglagay nako ng medicated balms on my tummy area, wala parin! So I decided to ask Ate T and RU to rush me to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Hospital emergency room just to have someone inject drugs into me para matigil na yung sakit!

Upon reaching the emergency room, I mentioned being the patient of my aunt (who is a doctor in that hospital) and was promptly given attention. One of the resident doctors (really, really cute so I shall not name him, haha!) asked me for the history of the pain, what I ate (yeah, it's embarrassing to say chickenjoy early in the morning! #hiyamoments) and led me to one of the beds to be examined. Kakahiya din, he poked my tummy all around to make sure that its not appendicitis (waaah, ang flabs ko - busted!) and para he'd know where the pain's coming from.

Eventually, after 20 minutes, my aunt's resident doctor took over my case and gave me 2 doses of Buscopan given thru IM (intramuscular)... but after 15 minutes, I had to call the doctor again kasi masakit parin. So via IV (intravenous) this time, I was given this wonderful drug called tramadol -- in less than a minute, that blasted pain was GONE, just like that!

[Obviously drugged. Pain's gone! :P]

After 30 minutes and paying the bill (a whooping Php 1,200++ for a 2 hr stay), I was finally discharged and went home asap. I came back in the afternoon to have another checkup done by my aunt, and she prescribed several drugs for the pain and asked me to do several more tests to find out what it is (but she suspects gallstones). Hay, ang gastos magkasakit!

[My POV while waiting to be discharged...]

Anyways, although I was really impressed with how the doctors and nurses (especially that wonderful IV therapist nurse who was so, so great with the needles that I didn't feel anything and with nary a busted vein on my hand) were really alert, prompted and accommodating with me and my requests... I hope this is my 1st and last brush with the ER. It's no fun getting sick, mga friends.

So do be extra careful, and observe your body well... para maagapan agad whatever ill feeling that you may have. Another round of tests next week... #sigh.


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