26 June 2013


Wow. I've been so quiet this past few days - I can't believe I haven't had a single post in almost 2
weeks! Well, professional changes are in play... not that I don't like it, but it pays the bills. Hehe.
Now my challenge would entail actually making time for personal pursuits - which I couldn't afford
when I was at my old job.
Hopefully this time, I get to have a life finally. But first, I have to up my ante and put my best foot
forward. Wish me luck, guys! I'll try to post soon! :D

08 June 2013

Nailed It: Opi Nail Lacquer Liquid Sand Collection - Can't Let Go

When I visited my suking Nail to Toe nail spa a few months back and was browsing through their nail polish collection, their super-efficient front desk manager Jenny suggested trying out a color from Opi's Liquid Sand Collection. I looked for the Liquid Sand Collection nail polish swatches, and found that this collection has a rough matte, glittery finish. I was hesitant to try it because I always wanted my nails to have a smooth finish, but I'm glad I decided to try it!

05 June 2013

Home-based: Pork Leg with White Beans and Camote Tops/Leaves Stew

This is a dish Mommy J says is with Ilocano origins (she's an Ilocano, by the way), but Ate T cooks this with so much aplomb, kala mo ilokana sya! Ate T says that in Iloilo (her hometown), pork leg is stewed with monggo beans and green papaya - I wonder how that tastes, hehe!

Anyways, only a few people know about this dish, so I'm sharing with you the steps on how to make this sinful yet so delicious dish!

04 June 2013

The Tuesday Kind of Love is What We All Long For...

"I don’t want to dream through our lives together, don’t want to sleep in, don’t want to put on my sunglasses and pretend that life’s a vacation. The fantasy is that I want to exist in reality; the fantasy is to be there for someone on a Sunday morning but also on a Tuesday night, when the haze and laze of the weekend has worn thin and seems far away as ever. I want a Tuesday kind of love." (Stephanie Georgopulos, Thought Catalogue)

Was browsing through my email blog feeds when I came across Tara's post last Friday on 'a Tuesday kind of love'... I got so intrigued that I clicked on her link, read and was hooked. Just like that.
A really good piece of writing tugs your heartstrings. Whether it evokes happy or sad memories, a beautiful piece just reels you in. It makes your world stop for a while, with dormant feelings and memories rushing as every word sinks into your consciousness. And I must say - my heart couldn't help smiling in agreement with wanting this kind of love.

02 June 2013

Eating Out: Korean Dining at Bulgogi Brothers 2X!

Hi friendships! As promised, here's part dul 둘 (two in korean) of my very good dining experience in Bulgogi Brothers (BB), this time with brothers J and R, and Ate T at its SM Mall of Asia branch last February!


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