18 March 2014

Home-made: Craving for Spaghetti!

I LOVE spaghetti. Even after my addiction with finding the perfect carbonara (which, of course is courtesy of Ate T again and will be reserved for another post!), I will always come back to that rich, red, chunky, and cheesy sauce perfectly enveloping al dente spaghetti noodles... my gash, kaka-spaghetti ko lang kahapon and I'm craving it again! Hehe!

But I have high standards in eating spaghetti. As in snob ako. Harhar. For me, only Ate T's spaghetti makes my day. Ready-made sauces don't even make the cut for me. Kung wala talagang pang-spaghetti na ingredients sa bahay, a quick run to Jollibee for their spaghetti temporarily satisfies my spag craving. After eating, diretcho akong supermarket to buy ingredients so Ate can cook na for my next meal. Hihi! #spaghettiaddict

Since i've been raving about Ate's cooking (and you, my dear reader, are probably craving spaghetti already!), lemme share how she does this addicting spaghetti sauce that I've been wolfing down for more than 3 decades (aaakkk! Ang tanda ko na!) - so let's gowh and do this! :)

01 March 2014

Home-made: Yummy Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie!


A big HELLO to you guys! Finally got around to sorting my photos and writing an entry! I know I haven't updated my blog for the longest time ever, but one of my resolutions this year is to keep this blog up and going! Well, good luck to me! :p

Anyways, in a few weeks, it'll be summer again! Though we're still experiencing chilly nights and mornings, has anyone noticed that days are getting longer? The sun sets wayyy past 6pm already! Here's wishing that summer won't be too hot because of our extended christmas-y weather, haha!

Here's a cool healthy drink we can do once the hot months come in - very simple and it's super yummy pa! But you can have this all-year round, too!

08 September 2013

~ Quick halu ~

Test post from a new phone app! Gosh, i miss blogging so much!! :(

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22 July 2013

Home-based: How to make Squash Soup (with pics!)

Hi friendships!! I promised a weekend post last time but unfortunately, I was too busy doing a lot of daughter duties for the parentals over the weekend - just couldn't squeeze blogging in! Aww! Anyways, I hope I get to post this soon, haha! I keep on falling asleep every time I try to blog!

I did a post a few months back on how to make squash soup at home, but I felt that that post needed a few pictures to whet your appetite! Besides, I got a better camera now, so here's a visual guide to making this simple but nutritious and absolutely divine soup!

13 July 2013

On this rainy Saturday afternoon...

I am fixing up this Android device a friend gave to me as a present. I just found lugging around my iPad everyday a little too heavy for my shoulders, and all I can seem to do during the ride home is to watch videos. I would love to blog a bit during traffic, but I find myself too exhausted at the end of the day. Sigh.

Anyways I will do a blog post this weekend, just wait for it! :-)

*test post over and out*
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