22 July 2013

Home-based: How to make Squash Soup (with pics!)

Hi friendships!! I promised a weekend post last time but unfortunately, I was too busy doing a lot of daughter duties for the parentals over the weekend - just couldn't squeeze blogging in! Aww! Anyways, I hope I get to post this soon, haha! I keep on falling asleep every time I try to blog!

I did a post a few months back on how to make squash soup at home, but I felt that that post needed a few pictures to whet your appetite! Besides, I got a better camera now, so here's a visual guide to making this simple but nutritious and absolutely divine soup!

13 July 2013

On this rainy Saturday afternoon...

I am fixing up this Android device a friend gave to me as a present. I just found lugging around my iPad everyday a little too heavy for my shoulders, and all I can seem to do during the ride home is to watch videos. I would love to blog a bit during traffic, but I find myself too exhausted at the end of the day. Sigh.

Anyways I will do a blog post this weekend, just wait for it! :-)

*test post over and out*
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