21 March 2013

- Home-based: Creamy Pumpkin/Squash Soup -

I love ordering soups for starters. That warm, delicious soup sliding down my throat preps up my tummy for an equally great meal! But admittedly, I reluctantly skip this fave of mine to cut down on my dining costs in restos. Hay.
Well, who says we can't have fine dining at home? Am sharing with you one secret recipe that's simple, delicious, nutritious, tastes expensive - and something I can actually cook. Hahahah!
Arggh. Now I'm craving for one but I'm just too lazy today. Hehe.
Nakakatakam no?! Ready? Lez gowh!
Homemade Creamy Pumpkin Soup
(good for 4 not-overflowing servings, hehe)
2 cups squash, cut into big cubes
Water for boiling the squash
1 small can of evaporated milk
Butter, salt and pepper
[Optional: Croutons, crisped bacon bits and chopped parsley for garnishing]
Things to Use:
Pot for boiling your squash in
Pot for mixing soup ingredients
A blender
Baby Steps:
1. Place squash cubes in pot and put enough water just to cover the cubes. Boil the squash until very soft. This will make blending/liquefying the squash cubes easier. When soft, remove from heat and let cool.
2. After it has cooled a bit, carefully remove softened squash cubes from pot and place inside the blender. Now, scoop out some of the water used for boiling and add to the squash inside the blender little by little, until it reaches half of the squash cubes only. Then blend/liquefy. If you find the mixture too thick, just keep on adding water little by little until it becomes semi-thick. We don't want our soup to be watery later on.
3. Once you've reached a semi-thick consistency, pour into a new pot and return to heat. Add butter, evaporated milk, salt and a little pepper to taste - it's up to you how creamy/salty you would want your soup to be. I prefer mine to be creamy. When you've gotten the taste you want, let it boil then turn off the heat. Serve.
4. You can opt to garnish your soup with croutons (there are ready-made packs that can be bought in the supermarket), bacon (dice a few pieces of bacon and fry them until crisp) or chopped parsley -- or all of them. Yum!
Odiba? That wasn't too hard, right? Dami nga lang hugasin. Hehe. In case my steps made your head spin, don't hesitate to ask me by dropping a note in the comment area below.
Happy slurping! :d

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