27 March 2013

- Experience this: 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013 -

[From the Philippines' exhibition (23 March) - Amazing!]
I am a sucker for fireworks. Ever since I was a kid, nothing would keep me amazed/dumbfounded/quiet except for these amazing displays of light that fly across the sky and ear-shattering booms that resound through the night. Fireworks during New Year's Eve give me goosebumps, as these beautiful lights inspire hope for a better life in the coming year.
So on a whim, my bros, dad and I decide to watch the first night last 16 February of the 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition held along the Seaside by the Bay area of SM's Mall of Asia. The entire Seaside Boulevard (where all the restaurants are situated, at the back of SM MOA) was closed for the event -- so just imagine the TRAFFIC. #stuckforever
The countries scheduled for the 1st night were Japan vs. Finland (who eventually won 2nd runner up in the 11-countries competition). Initially, we bought the Php 100 Silver ticket, which meant that our view would be nearer to the mall than the seaside, so we upgraded to the Gold Ticket at Php 300. The view was just fine, though obstructions included heads, higher backs and tripods :p. The Silver and Gold areas were standing room only (though you can sit on the road if you like... but now, obstructions include legs. Harhar.), while the VIP (Php 500) and Patron with dinner (Php 1,500) areas offered free seating.
Amidst the long wait for the program to start (start of the program was supposedly 7 pm but we started at 7:45 pm), the standing up for around 3-4 hours and the long intermission... IT WAS WORTH IT. This was my first time watching the show, and ngayon ko lang naintindihan kung bakit nagkakandarapang manood ang mga tao as if ngayon lang sila nakakita ng fireworks. Given the artistry of the fireworks, coordination with the music na babagayan ng fireworks... you'd know that a lot of work was really put into this. Hangganda mga friendships! Whether you come with friends, family or your special someone, it's really great to experience this once in your life. And shempre, dahil ako si ako... I had to experience it AGAIN. And really prepare for it. :p
It was a no-brainer that we (bros JU and RU, and Ate T) would watch when the Philippines was set to perform. The Philippines' performance was an exhibition as the annual host of the event, and would not be competing. Since i wanted so badly not to have an obstructed view, pikit-mata kaming bumili ng Patron tickets with dinner. Gulp.
I bought the tickets at the Cinema booth of SM Southmall for the last day of the competition (23 March). Yes mga friends, you can buy your tickets for any SM event at the designated Cinema Booth of any SM branch (with Cinemas ha) nearest you. Di na kelangang pumunta pa sa event place mismo para makabili ng tickets. I bought our tickets 3 weeks in advance.
And finally, dumating na ang gabing pinakahihintay ko! We were there REALLY early, like 5 p.m. at pumila na kami. And yes, may line na ganon kaaga palang, kahit sobrang init. Kebs lahat sa pawis. Everybody wanted to get really good seats. The VIP area had lots of people na rin, kasi baka maubusan ng upuan. And since the sun was still up high that time, everybody opened their umbrellas and their seats were turned away from the seaside view - tawang-tawa ako! All these for a good spot. Tee-hee.
[Notice the seats. Halos lahat nakatalikod! I think some were there 4pm palang!]
A plus for me was being able to catch the sunset, which was really beautiful last Saturday. Since we were seated next to the seawall - ayan, wala talaga akong obstruction. Yahoo!
[See the barges in the middle? That's where the fireworks shoot out for safety.]
The reason I wanted a seat near the seawall was that, if you were at the VIP area, hindi mo na mashadong masa-sight yung mga very beautiful "low fireworks" ng presentation, i.e. fireworks near the barge (in the middle of the sea) where the fireworks would be launched. Annnd yes, I knew we made the right choice when the fireworks started.
The process was, of course, not without glitches. At the registration area, we were informed that there would be 8 people in a table, and there was a seating arrangement. So once we chose our seats for table 20, we were escorted to the table by the usher/waiter, who told us that we could seat anywhere. I told him that there was a seating arrangement, but he said that its ok and we can seat wherever. So umupo na kami kung san namin gusto sa table 20 and set up our things (i.e., camera, tripod, etc.). After a while, a senior couple joined us at the table and asked why we were in their seats. Hayun, napagalitan ko ang waiter and told him to correct the other waiters who were saying that guests can sit anywhere. Eventually, yun ang pinagmulan ng mga arguments/away ng ibang guests later into the night. Buti nalang mabait si tita and tito, who came all the way from San Juan, na tablemates.
It was a buffet set-up inside the patron area; once seated, guests can already munch on pica-pica (nachos, prawn crackers) kasi the other main dishes were only made available by 6:30. Viands in the package included grilled bacon/cut liempo, green mango salad, chicken w/ coconut soup, crispy noodles w/ seafood sauce, bagoong rice, fresh springrolls and lechon baboy (which remained crispy kahit malamig na!). For dessert, we had suman sa latik, assorted Filipino delicacies and Arce ice cream (avocado flavor - I miss!). Gulaman, soda and iced tea were served as refreshments. Note: I suggest bringing a big bottle of mineral water. Since the patron area was big and it was hot that night, it was hard catching a waiter whose cold pitcher of water was still full. I want to be sure lang din with the water I drink. Buti nalang bumili ako. Also, there was a portalet near our area and relatively clean naman kahit there was no one manning it.
Finally, nag-umpisa na! Canada was first to present - she was the last contestant in the group and her presentation was really cute... cute enough to win 1st runner up (tied with China)!
[Canada's display of lights! Loved their interpretation of "What a Wonderful World!]
After a long intermission (which we didn't get to see coz we were too far from the stage), which included SM's participation in Earth Hour, the winners were announced - UK was the grand prize winner! I watched their entry on Youtube - ang ganda nga!
When it was the Philippines' turn, we were laughing about getting ready for Pinoy fireworks - the kwitis, watusi, judas belt and the goodbye philippines firecracker! Haha! BUT I WAS WRONG.
[Proudly Pinoy! :) I just noticed that most of our flower fireworks designs were daisies - a "happy flower" for me.]
Apparently, the Philippines has been winning places in fireworks competitions abroad, and was even a People's Choice awardee in a Canadian fireworks contest! What I saw last Saturday just amazed me - may element kasi ng surprise ang presentation. The fireworks didn't just come from the barge - it was all around! Even near the seawall meron - sensory overload talaga! But don't worry, it was really very safe :) Galing! Hooray for 'Pinas!
[Flowers with stems in a plantbox. Hehe. #interpretationgame]
Haba ang kwento ko no? But I am encouraging you guys to watch it once in your life. Start saving Php 1,500 and be ready to witness sheer creative genius showcased through fireworks!
[Pretty, pretty rainbow sprinkles in the night sky!]
[I super love sunsets. It's the best part of the day for me. :)]
*All fireworks and poster shot were taken by my bro JU on his Nikon 3200 DSLR and edited by yours truly. Other shots were taken with my trusty ancient Sony T77.*
What: Philippine International Pyromusical Competition
When: Yearly, around February - March
Where: SM by the Bay Area, SM Mall of Asia
How much: Patron w/ Dinner (along seawall) - Php 1,500; VIP - Php 500; Gold - Php 300; Silver - Php 100. Restaurants along the Seaside Boulevard strip (mall area itself) also offer dinner starting from Php 1,200++.

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