31 March 2013

- Eating Out: Luk Foo Cantonese Restaurant -

Early part of March, after coming from the wake of a relative, we decided to pass by my favorite Luk Foo branch at Puregold Qi Central along E. Rodriquez St. in Quezon City. I don't know why, but we always eat somewhere after a wake to ward off "spirits" that might've clung to us while visiting the dead. #superstitiousmuch ;)

It was a busy Saturday night (I think it was around 8pm) when we got here. As usual, there was a certain hurried-ness to ordering (parang gusto nila ready na kami agad sa order namin pagkaupo namin), but the staff - especially their manager who was working as well - were all very courteous and accomodating.

[ Love the sosy chandelier! :) ]

But anyways, eating here gives me an excuse to pig out on my favorite Chinese dishes. I so love Luk Foo's cold shrimp salad! Kaso lang that time, RU and I were with Mother J and JU, who were both allergic to shrimp... so we decided to get dishes na lahat makakain. RU and I are seafood addicts. Walang kinikilalang allergy ang katawan namin, mana kay Father H. Hehe.

So we tried out the following dishes for a change:

[Yang chow Rice - Php 210]

I love their Yang chow rice, but i must say that I like Hap Chang's version better.

[ Steamed Shrimp Dumpling Hakao - Php 80 (3 pcs.)]

Ohhhh... This one I really, really like - so yummy! The shrimps were so fresh and juicy! The dimsum wrapper was soft, chewy and moist! Kulang ang order ko (split this with RU) so next time, I'll probably have 2 orders of this - kahit eto lang. Harhar.

[ Broccoli with Oyster Sauce - Php 230 ]

Stir-fried broccoli swimming in thick oyster sauce. The broccoli was fresh, but I like Hap Chan's broccoli topped with loads of crisp minced garlic more - yummy!!

[ Salt and Pepper Spareribs - Php 260 ]

I loved this! Spareribs were cooked until tender, and really flavored well. The chopped meat was sized just right. I don't like really big cubes of meat sitting on my plate... tinitignan ko palang, tinatamad na akong ngumuya. :p But this was really good, with enough strips of crisp fat trimmings that'll leave you wanting more, bite after bite!

[ Braised Beef Brisket Noodle Soup - Php 150 ]

Mommy J wanted soup, so she tried this out as her main dish. She shared this with us, kasya naman for 4 people. The soup was flavorful and the meat was tender. But since I tend to lean more on ramen than noodle soup, this was just ok for me.

[ Crispy Noodles with Assorted Meat - Php 210 ]

RU and I always get the seafood version of this dish, pero since hindi lahat makakakain, we got the all-meat version instead. Crispy noodles is a staple order in any Chinese restaurant we go to, and this one hits the spot! Noodles are perfectly fried, and they don't go soggy for a long time even if the sauce has already been mixed throughly into the noodles. The veggies aren't overcooked, still with a crunch, and meat is tender din and flavorful. Hay i miss eating this, nakakatakam!

So hayan, ako tuloy ang nagutom, haha! Try eating at Luk Foo for your Chinese food cravings! Locations of Luk Foo restaurants (which are usually found in big Puregold outlets), menu and prices are right here. Happy eating! :D

What: Luk Foo Cantonese Restaurant

Where: E. Rodriquez Ave., Q.C. (In front of Puregold Qi Central); check this out for other branches

How much: Php 150 - 200 pax; our bill for 6 dishes, plus VAT and drinks minus senior citizen card discount amounted to around Php 1,100 - 1,200. Good value for your money!


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