03 April 2013

- All Over: The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Soap

I am particularly drawn to certain fruity scents - specifically pomegranate, grapefruit and peaches. I'm so addicted to these scents! There's this grapefruit-scented oilies sheet- Clean & Clear's Oil Blotting Sheets - that I keep on buying and using because it's so invigorating to have the scent on my face, kahit di naman mashdo oily face ko. Hehe. I'm currently using Body Shop's Pomegranate Hydrating Body Spray and Yves Rocher's Peach Shower Gel - addict diba? ;)

When I went to the Body Shop around the 2nd week of March to buy my favorite Olive Oil / Huile d'Olive soap, I was saddened to find out that this line, including my HG olive oil dry oil mist, was discontinued. Since I had a 20% birthday discount as a Body Shop Love Your Body cardholder, I decided to try out the Pink Grapefruit soap.

[The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Soap... this is actually salmon pink up close.]

A lot has been said about the benefits of grapefruit, which include revitalizing dull skin and it being a good soap for oily skin... but as for me, I just love the scent! It's great how the whole bathroom smells like grapefruit even before I take a shower! It's very refreshing - and moisturizes the skin as well. And, as I've experienced with the Olive Oil soap, this is one hard bar; it doesn't melt in the soap dish and doesn't get deformed easily even if it falls on the floor and hits different corners of the shower.

One thing I noticed about the soap is its shape. Since the bottom part of the soap is almost straight - just with a very slight curve - I find that I can't grip the soap very well. It keeps on slipping out of my hand - and it can get very tiring to pick up the soap everytime. Hopefully the Body Shop can redesign the molds of their soaps to add a wee bit more arch for better gripping.

So there you have it - this soap's a good buy! Bibili ako ulet for sure once I've used up my 2nd grapefruit soap bar. But I'm really gonna miss my Huile d'Olive... it will be very hard makahanap ng kapalit mo. Adios.

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I hope they reconsider having it back. #wishfulthinking

What: The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Soap

Bought From: The Body Shop, SM Mall of Asia

How much: Original price is at Php 195 per soap; availed the Love your Body Card's 20% Birthday Discount, I got mine for Php 156 per bar


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