11 April 2013

- Nailed It: Orly's Mysterious Curse -

I've been veering away from my usual reds/browns nail polishes these past few months, and trying out colors that I don't usually choose. I rarely choose blue nail polishes 'coz I think I'm not fair enough to carry blue polish, but this one I really liked!
[ Orly Nail Laquer in Mysterious Curse - Source ]

Orly's Mysterious Curse, from its Dark Shadows line, was inspired by the movie - what else? - "Dark Shadows" that starred John Depp and shown last year. As described, it's a dark blue-violet polish infused with violet specks. Since the blue overpowers the violet tones, the blue color of the polish predominately shows up.
The color doesn't seem too attractive while still in the bottle, but my ate manicurista was surprised at how gorgeous the color was once applied. It looked really good against my morena hand!

[ Outdoors on a sunny day ]
I had a really hard time trying to catch the violet undertones of this polish, but for the life of me, the blue just shouts out in pics! Hehe! But really, once the polish catches the light at the right angle, the beautiful deep violet undertone finally shows itself and quietly glows beneath the vivid blue polish :)
I know that this shade is so last year, but it's a new color to try for morenas and those who want to try other colors than your usual polish shades. Besides, it's summer and for sure, this beautiful shade will make your hands and feet glow! :)

What: Orly Nail Lacquer in Mysterious Curse
Where: Manicure and pedicure service from Nail to Toe Spa, Las Pinas City

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