14 April 2013

- Deals : Yabu Feast for a Steal! -

Got an email from DealGrocer this morning, advertising a deal for the newly-opened Yabu branch at SM Southmall. Ayos! We've been meaning to go to Yabu Southmall once it opens - and what better way to celebrate its opening through a coupon, right?

[ Deal Grocer email sent to my Gmail account ]

I read the Deal Grocer email around 9:30 am while I was cleaning my nails, so I called Ate T and we decided to get 4 coupons. The coupon, wherein Yabu food and drinks worth Php 500 will only cost Php 325, can be redeemed anytime from 15 April - 21 July 2013 and one coupon can be shared by a maximum of 2 people. Just bring a valid ID and your printed coupon to avail the discount. Since I was still cleaning my nails and I haven't reloaded my BPI E-prepaid card yet, I decided to just buy in the afternoon. I figured there were still 163 coupons as of 10 a.m., so ok pa ako.

Ewan ko ba, but I instinctively had the urge to check the site around 10:30...ODK. 50 coupons nalang ang available! #panicattack - shempre, I hurriedly reloaded my e-card, logged into the site and bought my 4 precious coupons ASAP! So much for thinking may matitira pa mamayang hapon! Anyways, naka-abot naman ang lola nyo after the online payment. I checked the site around 11:42, and here it is mga folks:

[ Screen capture from the Deal Grocer site; blue distortion is mine. Tinago ko lang mga tabs ko, hehe!)

Magic! O-ha, di man lang umbot ung deal ng 6 days! Kakaloka! Feeling ko kanina pa 'to soldout, right after I bought it a couple of minutes earlier. On hindsight, I just realized that the Deal Grocer email was sent at 6:36 and started off with 600 coupons... At 10 a.m. it was already down at 163. So its an average of around 125 coupons per hour (tama ba, mga mathematician genius friends ko? :p) Hay! Buti nalang malakas pangramdam ko sa mga discount! Chos, haha! Edamame and unli cabbage - I'll see you soon! Happy eating to me (ay, 'us' pala. Harhar)! :D


What: Deal Grocer's Yabu : House of Katsu Coupon -- only Php 325 for Php 500 worth of Yabu food and drinks!

Where: Deal Grocer (subscribe to their site for great deals!)

How much: Php 1,300 for 4 coupons, redeemable from 15 April - 21 July 2013


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