10 April 2013

- Reveal: Virtual Shopping at Zalora! -

Last month, I discovered na naubusan na pala ako ng facial wash. I wanted to try new facial washes, so I decided to poke around my favorite online shopping sites... then I remembered signing up for Zalora, so i went searching on their site for facial washes. Ansaya! There were new (to me lang naman, hehe) facial washes - on sale! So click, click went my mouse on the products - sale yun eh! :D Tapos, I read that they offered free shipping - for a minimum of Php 1,000!

And you can guess what happened... ang target kong Php 500 lang ay umabot ng isang libo! Hayst. Me and my non-existent EQ. I was thinking nalang that it was my birthday month, so I reasoned out to my konsensha na that was my gift to myself... aside from my March BDJ box. Harhar. As mentioned in a previous post, it's so hard to be really good at techie stuff and shopping in the midst of searching for work, so fail ako sa pagtitipid. *long sigh*

I submitted my order March 15 by COD (cash on delivery) payment scheme, coz the site wasn't accepting my BPI E-credit Mastercard (panic attack!) - and by March 17, my very first Zalora box was at my doorstep! #happiness

[Unboxing goodies always makes my heart flutter ;)]

I like how tighly wrapped in bubble wrap the bottle/tube products were, and the box was really sealed! So, what other products did I get to make my shipping free?! Here they are:

[Oryspa Rice Bran Face & Body Wash (120 ml) - Php 135; Rice Powder Face Mask (25 g) - Php 65]

Based on research, Oryspa is a local brand, and I fully support local brands because they make the right formulation that's best suited for Pinay skin. And I like anything with rice - I have been a long-time fan of The Face Shop's Rice Facial Wash and I love how it makes my face so clean, bright & soft! But at Php 495, Face Shop's facial wash is expensive... I'm glad a local brand made one that's really affordable. Sinamahan ko narin ng Face Mask... and reading from the mask use instructions, this'll last me a long time. :)

[ 4U2 Body Language Facial Foam in Milk & Honey, and Mixed Berries Extract (100 ml) - Php 124 each]

Actually, this is what I'm just supposed to get, pero sayang ang free shipping eh! #paliwanagsabarangay - haha! They were on sale, but I dunno the original price. This will be my first time using products from this brand I've seen in Watson stores.

[ Lorys Hair Cream in Snake Oil and Duo Chocolate variants (450 g) - Php 185 each]

I've read a lot of good reviews about this brand, and being the takaw-mata and conditioner-munster that I am, I got 2 tubs. So so cheap! :D

[ Aid-Tox Foot Patch (2 pc per box)- Php 150]

Wala lang, just wanted to try if this can really detoxify my system as it claims it can. Haven't tried this yet though.

[ Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm (Click Stick) in Strawberry - Php 109.75 ]

Last but definitely not the least, a tube of the famous Carmex Lip Balm rounded up my purchases. Sa lahat ng purchases ko, this one I definitely can't go a day without using! Will write about it in another post - wait for it! (And I really like how my product shot turned out to be - ganda ng contrast of colors! :p)

Well, hayan na ang gastos ko sa beauty products for the month of March. I'm quite happy with my purchases kahit sad na ung wallet and accounts ko, hihi! I will do my best to have separate posts on these products once I get to use them. Do register at Zalora and check out their site - they have different products (clothes, accessories, etc.) for men, women, kids and home living. Also, you can see products that they current have for sale - it's a easy site to navigate! Tara, join me in my craziness for online shopping! :D

What: Online shopping at Zalora
Where: Visit Zalora's site at www.zalora.com.ph
How much: All my purchases amounted to Php 1,076.75. Free shipping is offered for a minimum Php 1,000 worth of products.

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