13 April 2013

- Project : Fix your Lipsticks! -

I confess... of all the make-up there is in the world of beauty, the one thing I can't stop hoarding are lip products. Yes, I am a lipstick junkie - adik na adik ako sa kahit anong lip product na ilabas. Lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, lip scrubs... I buy them all! Kahit di ko nagagamit! #wastage #takawmata
Minsan, when I go to the mall and wala akong money for shopping or I can't find anything to buy, bibili ako ng lip balm - kahit anong brand lang - and I am ok with that. Ganon lang ako kababaw, hehe! :)
As a result, here is my lipstick collection:
Wapak! Hangganda diba?! Partida, I have lipsticks and balms in all of my bags pa, and I've already thrown a lot already -- and it is still full! Hala! But i really do wanna have an organized lipstick organizer, so I tried looking for an organizer online and in stores... to my dismay, they weren't available in the Philippines and the ones available here were either too expensive or wasn't the one I had in mind.
So I decided to do one on my own - at a fraction of the cost! And I'm going to share with you how to do that... but first things first - look at your lipstick lot. Throw away those that you haven't used for a while, and see what you still want to use. The remaining lipsticks will determine the size of what you will need for the next step.
1. Buy a plastic container / box (as shown above) that will fit all the lipsticks that you have decided to keep. You can buy these containers in plasticware sections in department stores / supermarkets. I bought this from my favorite store - Japan Home - and got this for around Php 80 yata (or even cheaper). This plastic box's height best suited most of my lipsticks' height.
2. This is the best discovery I've made in my OC life - plastic drawer partitions! You can cut / break these long strips into varying lengths to suit whatever partition size you want. You can get these again at Japan Home store for around Php 88 - this contains 5 to 6 long strips.

3. I cut the plastic partitions into 4 strips of 5 squares and 4 strips of 8 squares, as above. These fit inside the plastic container I bought. Remember -- keep in mind your container when cutting up the strips. Measure the strips against the inside of your container bago putulin, para hindi sayang ang strips. Cut the strips that will fit your container's size.

4. Next, connect the strips by interlocking (naks, haha!) the shorter strips with the longer strips (in my case, the 5-square strips with the 8-square strips) through the gaps in between the squares.

With my strips, this formed a 'grid' with 20 slots measuring 1"x1" and 4 slots that are bigger, as show at the left portion of the photos above. The number of slots will really depend on the divider cuts that you made.

5. Carefully carry the 'grid' and place them into your plastic container. Medyo babaluktot yung strips ng konti when you put it in your container; just straighten it out. It should look like the lower photo above.

6. Finally, the moment we've been waiting for! Put each lipstick into the slot - that's it! Ako, I made sure na I'd be able to see each lipstick shade... kaya ganyan itsura nyan. May nakabaligtad, may upright. As for the portion with bigger slots, I put there my long lip glosses, taller lipsticks and balm jars. It's finally done! :D

See how the plastic box fits perfectly fit inside my makeup drawer... no more mess!

There you go - cheapest way to fix your lippies! And aside from that, no lipstick goes unnoticed - lahat nagagamit! So go over your lippies and give them the proper storage they deserve!

What: Lipstick organizer
Where: Dividers / partitions can be bought at Japan Home or Daiso; plastic container / box can also be bought at Japan Home, Daiso and plasticware sections of department stores and supermarkets
How much: Less than Php 200 for both plastic box and partitions

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