31 March 2013

- Eating Out: Luk Foo Cantonese Restaurant -

Early part of March, after coming from the wake of a relative, we decided to pass by my favorite Luk Foo branch at Puregold Qi Central along E. Rodriquez St. in Quezon City. I don't know why, but we always eat somewhere after a wake to ward off "spirits" that might've clung to us while visiting the dead. #superstitiousmuch ;)

- In a Nutshell... -


Simple, fuss-free explanation. Don't you think so?

[Shared from Jin's blog... thanks so much Jin!]


28 March 2013

- Reveal: My Very First Belle De Jour (BDJ) Box! -

Late last year, I got interested with the sudden hype on samples and sample boxes... I read blog after blog on how beauty samples were made available to the public for a fraction of a price! For someone like me who's hunting for a job and a techie kikay girl with a penchant for online shopping (very bad combination, I kid you not), this piece of news was just too good to resist! Imagine... you get almost full-sized products and get to try them first if they suit you before you get the real full-price product! Saya, diba? Even the most expensive products have very good sample-sized products! And what's exciting is, you really don't know what products these boxes will be featuring! Nakaka-adik mag-online shopping! #patayin-ang-wifi!!
I've already purchased sample products from the Sample Room (sampleroom.ph) and bought the January box from Glamourbox (glamourbox.ph; Php 595). I wasn't blogging back then, but I have kept shots of samples I bought, so I can prolly make reviews about it pag sinipag ako. Hehe.
I wasn't too happy with the Glamourbox items I got, so I scouted for another box until I saw the Belle De Jour's (BDJ) February box featuring Shiseido products! OMG! I hurriedly made an online profile on the BDJ website (bdjbox.com) then paid online for the February box... pero super fail! Di ako umabot, huhu! But I did make it to the March box (Php 480)... and methinks its a good box!
["Because you're worth it! #alamna!]

27 March 2013

- Experience this: 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013 -

[From the Philippines' exhibition (23 March) - Amazing!]
I am a sucker for fireworks. Ever since I was a kid, nothing would keep me amazed/dumbfounded/quiet except for these amazing displays of light that fly across the sky and ear-shattering booms that resound through the night. Fireworks during New Year's Eve give me goosebumps, as these beautiful lights inspire hope for a better life in the coming year.
So on a whim, my bros, dad and I decide to watch the first night last 16 February of the 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition held along the Seaside by the Bay area of SM's Mall of Asia. The entire Seaside Boulevard (where all the restaurants are situated, at the back of SM MOA) was closed for the event -- so just imagine the TRAFFIC. #stuckforever

23 March 2013

- Eating Out: Ramen Fix at Kokoru Ramenya -

I have a brother RU who's in med school and lives in a condo during weekdays. On Sundays, we usually troop over to his place to get his clothes for washing, clean, bring him his cooked ulam for the whole week, and join him for dinner. As we (me, my other brother JU and our super ate T) all love to eat, we sometimes deviate from our usual routine of eating home-cooked dinners to discovering new lafang places around town. And so, after reading reviews about this hidden restaurant, off we went to Kokoro Ramenya.

21 March 2013

- Home-based: Creamy Pumpkin/Squash Soup -

I love ordering soups for starters. That warm, delicious soup sliding down my throat preps up my tummy for an equally great meal! But admittedly, I reluctantly skip this fave of mine to cut down on my dining costs in restos. Hay.
Well, who says we can't have fine dining at home? Am sharing with you one secret recipe that's simple, delicious, nutritious, tastes expensive - and something I can actually cook. Hahahah!
Arggh. Now I'm craving for one but I'm just too lazy today. Hehe.
Nakakatakam no?! Ready? Lez gowh!

19 March 2013

- Fauna: Meet Justin :) -

     Aside from writing, one of my greatest passions is taking photographs. Yeah, I've got an Instagram account as well (follow me? Hehe.), but it's just different with blogging. It's just me though. Also, I don't want to maintain different social accounts (I've deactivated my Facebook. Really.) and I'm too lazy to set-up a Tumblr account, so I'll be featuring once in a while my photos here.

    Guys, I want you to meet my biggest baby boy, Justin. He's a almost-7 yr old mixed breed (we're guessing German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and St. Bernard). Don't let his looks and very big body deceive you -- he's just a big, big baby in disguise. I love him to bits.

17 March 2013

- Nailed It: Wet 'n Wild's Megalast Nail Color -

I love going to a nail spa for my 'me-time'. Aside from the free internet and relaxing spa music, nothing beats the feeling of having someone pamper your hands and feet - and take out entirely lahat ng dry skin ko sa toenails! Kung ako lang, di ko abot ang toenails ko - at sasakit lang ng bongga ang likod ko! And malamang sugat-sugat ang sides ng kuko ko kakasnip ko ala-Edward Scissorhands with the nipper! (fine, old school nga ako. Hehe.)

Sometimes, I do get tired of salon nail polish colors... so I set out to find colors I really like, then ask my suking ateng manicurista to apply it after my usual cleaning. I went through a gray nail color phase late last year and amassed different shades of gray nail polish... but I couldn't resist picking up this pretty color from Wet 'n Wild's Megalast line aptly called Haze of Love.

16 March 2013

- For my Crowning Glory: Yves Rocher Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar -

During the 3-day sale at SM Southmall in Las Pinas, while walking around and trying so very hard not to even window-shop, ewan ko ba naman at nahila ako sa Yves Rocher store. I've always been a fan of their products - from their bath gels down to their soaps. Super like ko ang kanilang peach shower gel... it's so hard to find a peach shower gel na amoy peach talaga. And Yves Rocher's version just hit the spot!

Since i was really on a budget and just wanted to satisfy my visual cravings for kikay stuff, I decided na umikot lang talaga around their shop and look at their sale items. Lo and behold, i saw something that Kira of Elegantly Wasted once featured - the Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar.

13 March 2013

- Project: Lightbox -

     I wasn't really feeling happy yesterday... I was so disheartened at somebody's insensitiveness. And what made it worse was that this person was somebody I never thought could do something hurtful to me. So, in my attempt to stay away from social networks, I finally sat down and got around to doing the project I've been targeting for weeks - a DIY lightbox!

     I love taking pictures of everything. May it be food, make-up, trinkets, landscapes, dogs - I'd click and click till I get the perfect shot! Having the perfect shot meant good composition and most importantly, getting the best light that would be right for whatever theme you want to achieve with your shot!

12 March 2013

- Chika + Food = Great Saturday! -

    I met up with Cecille, an ex-officemate/barkada, last Saturday to catch up with the latest happenings sa office - particularly office chismis, hehe! Buti nalang the afternoon weather was great for having chikka, and i miss going out narin. We spent 3 hours in Starbucks along the back part of Southmall (love ko talagang ang relaxing ambiance ng al fresco part ng Food Street!) while her husband and kid played at the per-hour PS3 rental near the Food Court at the 2nd floor.

     Eventually, nagutom din kami dahil we only had coffee and hangin sa tyan (sa kakakwento)... So after accompanying her in buying the stuff she needs, we all went to French Baker to have dinner coz they miss eating daw there.

08 March 2013

- 1st post :D -

Hi there! I've created this blog to share my new discoveries under the sun - may it be food, beauty, travel, or just about anything that catches my fancy - which hopefully, can help you decide on stuff! Happy reading!

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