12 March 2013

- Chika + Food = Great Saturday! -

    I met up with Cecille, an ex-officemate/barkada, last Saturday to catch up with the latest happenings sa office - particularly office chismis, hehe! Buti nalang the afternoon weather was great for having chikka, and i miss going out narin. We spent 3 hours in Starbucks along the back part of Southmall (love ko talagang ang relaxing ambiance ng al fresco part ng Food Street!) while her husband and kid played at the per-hour PS3 rental near the Food Court at the 2nd floor.

     Eventually, nagutom din kami dahil we only had coffee and hangin sa tyan (sa kakakwento)... So after accompanying her in buying the stuff she needs, we all went to French Baker to have dinner coz they miss eating daw there.

     Actually, it was my first time to eat at their renovated / redesigned (?) restaurant, so I had no idea what to order. I always thought maliit ung place - judging from its entrance - but i was pleasantly surprised to see that the dining area wasn't cramped and it was really a cozy place to eat.
[I love lights. Obvious ba? ;) And look at that weaved ceiling!]
[I find brick wall interiors so laidback :)]

     We adults ordered the Hamburger Steak (Php 173), while her son ordered Beef Lasagna (Php 155). I wasn't able to get a picture of the lasagna though (nahiya ako, haha!), pero masarap daw sha -- kid approved! One of their famous hors d'oeuvres - the Chicken ala King - wasn't available that night.
[Cute paper placemat drawings to entertain you while you wait..]

[The order of the night - Hamburger Steak!]

     The hamburger steak came with their soup of the day (which was corn and cream ata), mashed potatoes (found hiding under the steak) and some vegetables (the potato strips were crisp, believe me)... this was served on a sizzling plate bathed in gravy. The hamburger steak had burnt parts pero keri naman. It wasn't dry nor juicy, and was seasoned alright. I wish they'd put more gravy, as it dried up once the sizzling stopped. Cecille said it was ok to ask for more gravy, pero wag nalang, nashy ako. :) Mashed potatoes were alright.
     We also ordered a Caesar Salad (Php 140), which came in way later and was immediately eaten (at talaga namang hindi ko na naman nakuhanan!). The greens were really crispy, and the salad dressing was just the way I like it- maasim but not too overpowering. The salad came with a very thin crisp bread sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds - I really loved it! Perfect sa salad! Pinapak ko na kahit di ko order, nakakahiya! :D *covers face*

     We went back to Starbucks to wash down the kabusugan after dinner, and they drove me home. I loved my Saturday... Nothing beats being with a good friend! Kayo, kamusta weekend? ;)

Where: French Baker - SM Southmall Las Pinas City
How much: Php 200-400 pax

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