30 May 2013

Eating Out: Korean Dining at Bulgogi Brothers

I've been hearing raves about this resto for quite a while, but it was just late last year when Mother J, brother J and I found ourselves in Alabang Town Center to do something (at shempre nakalimutan ko na kung bat ba kami napadpad doon), and since it was dinnertime, we decided to go Korean for a change.

23 May 2013

All Over: Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion

Hiya folks! Wow, haven't blogged in a while pala! Ewan ko ba, just some writer's block... no inspiration lately (as if meron talaga no. Hihi.) - and this heat is just making me go LAZY! Grabe! Juan Tamad ang peg! My eyes just gets sleepy all the time sa init! But thankfully, the weather's getting better na with the afternoon thunderstorms (which scares the heck out of my dogs), medyo lumalamig na ng slight. :)

Anyways, enough about the weather. I've been meaning to write about this great lotion I'm addicted to right now - Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion! *hinga* - haba ng name! I tried this out at Sample Room a few months back... and I remember writing a neutral review about it. But after almost emptying my first bottle, my impressions have changed!

14 May 2013

- Eating Out: Snacking at Daisee's Bakeshop! -

It's always been a habit for me and Ate T to snack our pre-dinner stomach grumbles away after our occasional hospital check-ups (di kami mahilig sa hospital. Pramis. :p) Since most of our doctors' schedules fall late afternoon, di na kami nakakapag-miryenda before we leave the house... actually, it's just my excuse to eat at my favorite local bakeshop - Daisee's!

11 May 2013

- Eating Out: Do it My Singapore Way!

[from My Singapore Food Street Facebook page]

Treated my friend IDR a day before my birthday at SM Megamall last March... I was curious about My Singapore Food Street being blogged about by foodies, so I invited my friend to check it out with me.

05 May 2013

- DIY Off the 'Net: Decorating Your Space! -

Was lazing around this very, very, VERY hot sunday afternoon in front of my dresser, reading up on emails and links until I saw this:

[Source; originally from www.abeautifulmess.com]

04 May 2013

- Home-Based: Comfort Breakfast :) -

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It's when I can make my weird concoctions - just mixing food I like to eat, or discovering new combinations on how to make my scrambled eggs more interesting. :) But there are just those blah days where I just wanna sit down, relax and eat a really simple but comforting meal that warms my tummy and reassures me that everything in the world is gonna be ok. Haha! OA no? Ganyan talaga ang effect sa akin ng masarap na pagkain!

03 May 2013

- Reveal: The BDJ Box for April 2013! -

Hi friendships! Haven't blogged in a while, daming things clogging my brain. Plus writer's block and katams (laziness) hit me head-on, so wala talaga akong maisulat. But I am back, and I've got loads of stuff to write about, so lemme start with this one. :)

If you remember, I raved about the March edition of the BDJ box... and thus I also bought the April box.

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