04 May 2013

- Home-Based: Comfort Breakfast :) -

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It's when I can make my weird concoctions - just mixing food I like to eat, or discovering new combinations on how to make my scrambled eggs more interesting. :) But there are just those blah days where I just wanna sit down, relax and eat a really simple but comforting meal that warms my tummy and reassures me that everything in the world is gonna be ok. Haha! OA no? Ganyan talaga ang effect sa akin ng masarap na pagkain!

I'd like to share with you 2 of my super comfort food for breakfast:

[A hot cup of coffee + toasted bread with Spam and melted cheese]

I've always been a coffee drinker since grade school. Other like 'em strong, others bitter.... Me? I like mine sweet. Just like me. Yak. Haha! Kaya kahit masama ung laging naka 3-in-1 coffee, I like them 'coz sweet ung timpla nila. But I've cut down on sweet coffee, nakakataba kasi. Lam nyo na, old age. Healthy living...Hay. Hehe!

Would you guys believe it if I tell you I never really liked Spam?! Ang daming naloloka sa Spam pero ako, ayaw ko talaga. Kasi I've always equated Spam with Maling. Ok sige, sakalin nyo na ako. Harhar! We always had Maling for brekky when I was growing up, e I never liked the taste of potted meat. Para sa akin, they all tasted the same!

Imagine my surprise when my bestie N's mom served us Spam with bread, lettuce and mayonnaise for miryenda just last January - syet! Ansarap pala! Ayun, non-stop ang bili at kain ko ng Spam Original, Lite and With Cheese (mouse po ako. Bow. :D ) At home, I like to fry and brown thin Spam slices, top it on bread with thin slices of cheddar cheese and chuck it in the toaster for melted goodness! Nagututom na tuloy ako! :p

[Corned beef with Rice, Garlic bread and Banana-Peanut Butter Smoothie]

Another winning breakfast for me would be corned beef. Nothing beats piping-hot rice sprinkled with garlic bits and thoroughly mixed with corned beef! Sometimes I have this very bad habit of not chewing my food well... Lalo na pag eto kinakain ko, lafang lang! Subo-lunok! Haha! I added garlic bread here from Cafe France to last me till lunch. Super aga kasi ako kumakain sa umaga, kaya I take a heavy breakfast so I wouldn't be snacking in between.

Minsan, I only take coffee before I attend church at 6am or do brisk walking at 5:30am, then have breakfast when I come back. In that case, I take juice or a smoothie with breakfast; I limit my coffee intake to 1 cup a day if possible para iwas acid-attack. As above, favorite ko talaga ang banana-peanut butter combination sa smoothie - it's healthy and sweet! It's perfect paired with corned beef!
Hay! Nagugutom na talaga ako, makainom na nga ng kape! Kayo, what's your comfort breakfast? Good morning!! :)

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