11 May 2013

- Eating Out: Do it My Singapore Way!

[from My Singapore Food Street Facebook page]

Treated my friend IDR a day before my birthday at SM Megamall last March... I was curious about My Singapore Food Street being blogged about by foodies, so I invited my friend to check it out with me.

We ordered the following recommended dishes for sharing:

[ Laksa -- Luglug noodles in coconut creamy soup topped with fish cake, togue, baby prawn and boiled egg -- Php185.00]

We haven't had laksa ever, so this was a first for us. The original order is really spicy, but you can request to have the spiciness level watered down. As a lover of dishes with coconut milk - this was a winner for me! Together with the perfectly cooked seafood in it, it's a great soup to whet your appetite kahit nakakaluha ang anghang! Buti I shared this bowl with IDR, else umatake for sure ang ulcer ko eh hehe.

[Hainanese Chicken Meal -- Fresh chicken steamed in garlic, ginger, salt and spices. Served with Hainanese rice, ginger sauce, chili sauce, dark soy sauce and chicken soup -- Php 195]

Of course, there should always be hainanese chicken present in a Singaporean restaurant, right?! :) Was amazed that my friend IDR has never had hainanese chicken in her whole life - and to think she's been to Singapore! :p The chicken was tender but needed more seasoning, despite the condiments available. The rice and soup was bland as well... Ate T can definitely make a meaner hainanese chicken - comparable to the very first hainanese meal I had in the Kuala Lumpur airport (or was it in the Singapore airport? Eeps I forgot :p).

[Char Kway Teow -- Stir fried flat and yellow mee noodles, togue, garlic, red onion, egg, Chinese sausage, fish cake, shrimp with dark soy sauce and Thai patis -- Php 195.00]

Last dish for sharing was Char Kway Teow - of course I had to have birthday noodles! Compared to the usual pancit canton, I liked the taste of this more - a combination of soy sauce and patis made the taste richer and of course saltier! :p With all the stir-fried in it, it made the dish a tad greasier... hope they could find a way to lessen the grease, which becomes noticeable when the noodles turn cold.

I had peach iced tea and ordered a glass of Milo Dinosaur for IDR, which I forgot to take pictures of. Both drinks were refreshing, but not really out of the ordinary.

I would definitely return to My Singaporean Food Street to try their other dishes!

[ Mer-nel's famous chocolate cake handcarried by IDR -- happy birthday to me! :) ]

What : My Singapore Food Street (menu and prices here or here)

Where: SM Megamall; 2/F SM Megamall, Bridgeway, Julia Vargas Ave cor EDSA, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong; (02) 470-4546

How much: Php 200 - 400 per person


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