03 May 2013

- Reveal: The BDJ Box for April 2013! -

Hi friendships! Haven't blogged in a while, daming things clogging my brain. Plus writer's block and katams (laziness) hit me head-on, so wala talaga akong maisulat. But I am back, and I've got loads of stuff to write about, so lemme start with this one. :)

If you remember, I raved about the March edition of the BDJ box... and thus I also bought the April box.

The April theme struck a chord in me. Growing up, I had so many insecurities that most of the time, these insecurities became blocks to truly showing my potential. It wasn't until I met real and true friends who never failed to point out how great I really am that I felt good about myself! Sometimes, we just need other people to let us see that we underestimate ourselves a lot... so starting today, let's not be too hard on ourselves - and think beautiful thoughts about ourselves and the world! #positivemantra :D

I feel so strongly about this, obvious ba? Hehe! I digress... although this unboxing is quite late, I am still excited to share with you goodies from this box!

It's all about the basics - how you take care of your skin is one way of showing how you value yourself. As usual, I really like the mix of product samples - and most of them are full-sized at that! Yipee! Shall we? :)

[For the face]

The box includes the following (from left): 2 packs of Garnier Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Mask (full size at Php 89 each), Bifesta AgeCare Cleansing Lotion (sample only; full size at Php 419), Celeteque Hydration - Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist (full size at Php 349), Avon Anew 360 White Day Cream (full size at Php 799), and sample sachets from Avon Anew 360 degrees White line (day cream, night cream and serum).

I was so giddy that the much talked-about Bifesta Cleansing Lotion was included in the box! The sample included was enough for me to road-test how good Bifesta is in taking off makeup --- and I'm glad to report that it didn't disappoint! Being so, it deserves its own post! :)

[For the body and hair]

The box also has Selena Gomez's Eau de Parfum (sample; full size at Php 2,950), Avon Skin So Soft Hand and Body Lotion with Marula Oil (full size at Php 350) and Goody Slide-proof pair of clips and ponytails (full size at Php 449). Gaaak, a full size bottle of one of Avon's winner lotions?! Tamang-tama, my lotion supply is running out, so this is much appreciated! And the Goody clips and ponytails?! I wouldn't dare buy this kasi it's so expensive - yey for the full pack - and in my favorite red color!

[For pretty and protected nails]

I got this very innovative Revlon Nail Art set (full size at Php 375) and the BDJ Team threw in a small tub of Candi Colours Acetone-Free Nail Wipes (30 pads at Php 65). The Revlon nail polishes, aptly called the "Pastel Punk" set, comes in 2 colors - a pastel pinkish lavender color as base polish and a medium gray color with a thin nail art brush for designing your nails. Ganda diba, it's so space-saving! Personally, I think the gray color is just too light for the pastel background, but I'll feature that in another post so you can see what I mean. The nail wipes are good for moping up excess polish around the nails while drying, since it doesn't have loose cotton fibers that can transfer on top of wet polish. Nakakainis kaya magtanggal ng hibla ng cotton sa nail polish! :p But other than that, this is expensive for a nail polish remover.

[Coupons for other services]

Finally, there are free coupons from Bioessence, Goody and a personalized weight-loss coaching by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen! Hayst, sana I get to work na para I can avail of this program! #balikalindoggoal

So that's that! I find it so sulit to get a BDJ box everytime - halos lahat nagagamit ko! I just didn't get the May box, because aside from being already sold out, I still have loads of products to use pa. At para makapahinga din si mr delivery boy sa kakabyahe ng Las Pinas, haha! Grab nalang the June box - for sure, you won't regret it! Although they have increased their price by a hundred bucks (from Php 480 to 580), I'm sure it's still worth every item in that box! This box alone costs around Php 2000++ na eh! Order na! You'll see what I mean when you open up your own box of BDJ goodies! :)

What: Belle de Jour (BDJ) Box for April 2013
Where: Check out their website at bdjbox.com
How much: Php 480; Starting May 2013, the BDJ Box will cost Php580 per month

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