14 May 2013

- Eating Out: Snacking at Daisee's Bakeshop! -

It's always been a habit for me and Ate T to snack our pre-dinner stomach grumbles away after our occasional hospital check-ups (di kami mahilig sa hospital. Pramis. :p) Since most of our doctors' schedules fall late afternoon, di na kami nakakapag-miryenda before we leave the house... actually, it's just my excuse to eat at my favorite local bakeshop - Daisee's!

Daisee's is a small bakeshop besides the University of Perpetual Help Hospital along Alabang-Zapote road - both owned by the Tamayo family. Daisee, if I'm not mistaken, is the wife of Mr. Antonio Tamayo, the owner of the hospital. It's a small place - it has 4 small round tables inside the bakeshop, and around 3-4 tables outside. But that place can become quite packed during meal periods! :)

[Their cake display... I know, bad picture. Hehe.]

They sell cakes, cupcakes, breads (wasn't able to take a pic of their bread displays - duh!) and some set meals/snacks for a quick hunger fix. Mother J was the first one to eat here with her friends, and loves the cinnamon rolls. Ako naman, I'm a fan of their cupcakes and cakes! Their chiffon cake base is really soft, moist and fluffy, while their icing isn't sweet! Just the way I like it!

Cake prices range from Php 130 - Php 520 --- yes, kahit ganyan sya ka-cheap, their cakes are really good, big in size, and can give big commercialized bakeshops a run for their money! Kaya nga I have never bought cakes from well-known bakeshops in the last 2 years -- I always run to Daisee's for my cake needs! Will show you later my favorite cake of all time, considering I am definitely not a cake person! Hehe!

Budget meals, meanwhile, are in the Php 55 - Php 75 range; they come with a glass of either four seasons or iced tea. Viands include barbeque, lumpia, sandwiches, lasagna, chicken fillet, among others. Coffee buddee meals, which come with a cuppa coffee (they serve Illy!) and paired with either cinnamon rolls, cake slice or a cupcake, are less than 60 bucks (my pic's kinda malabo, I hope my eyes didn't fail me at tama ung pagkabasa ko ng price. Boo. Hehe.).
So here's what we had last time we were there:
Ate T had Coffee Buddee meal 2 - brewed coffee with a slice of chocolate mousse while I had my usual (and favorite!):

[Budget Treats Lasagna meal served with garlic sticks and a glass of 4 Seasons - Php 70]


I love their chicken lasagna! I think this is their most requested meal among the other options! It's very creamy, they don't scrimp on the sauce, and quite filling! I usually skip dinner when I have this for a late afternoon snack. I still rate it 4 stars kasi nothing comes close to Ate T's homemade lasagna, hehe! I also like the garlic sticks on the side... too bad they don't sell this separately. Kundi pinakyaw ko to siguro, haha!

To end this very nakakagutom post (I'm tiding my hunger pangs with Farmer John's Cheddar and Sour Cream Premium Potato Chips - bad gerl!), here is my favorite cake of all time - na sana you can also taste one of these days...

[Daisee's Truffle Cake - Php 500]

Whapak! Itsura palang, you know it's masarap! This baby is 3 layers of chocolatey goodness - and for only Php 500!! I've shared this with my ex-officemates - and they all loved it! Struggle nga lang bitbitin sa commute, haha! They also have this in cupcake form, and still yummy!

When you happen to be in Las Pinas, look for this little piece of pastry heaven! :) You won't regret it!



What: Daisee's Bakeshop (check out their Facebook website here)

Where: Times Unimall, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City (right beside the entrance to Manila Times Village and the University of Perpetual Help Hospital)

How much: Php 100 per person for set meals; but I suggest bringing more money for taking home their bakery goodies!


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