05 May 2013

- DIY Off the 'Net: Decorating Your Space! -

Was lazing around this very, very, VERY hot sunday afternoon in front of my dresser, reading up on emails and links until I saw this:

[Source; originally from www.abeautifulmess.com]

Ang pretty diba?! It's so nice to be able to display all of your best instagram shots and make it as your wall decor! It's so creative and unique! 

This brilliant idea was featured in the article "28 Decorating Tricks to Brighten Up Your Rented Home" by Gabby Noone, a collection of really creative and artsy DIY decorating ideas from around the internet. I'd keep this link as reference pag nagkaroon na ako ng sarili kong place. Hayst. Kelan pa kaya yon? 

For those of you who love to tinker around with paper and tapes, this is a really good read... Enjoy! :)

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