22 July 2013

Home-based: How to make Squash Soup (with pics!)

Hi friendships!! I promised a weekend post last time but unfortunately, I was too busy doing a lot of daughter duties for the parentals over the weekend - just couldn't squeeze blogging in! Aww! Anyways, I hope I get to post this soon, haha! I keep on falling asleep every time I try to blog!

I did a post a few months back on how to make squash soup at home, but I felt that that post needed a few pictures to whet your appetite! Besides, I got a better camera now, so here's a visual guide to making this simple but nutritious and absolutely divine soup!

So again, here's what you'll need (good for 4 people) :
~ 1/2 of a medium-sized squash, skinned and cubed
~ 1 small can of evaporated milk or fresh milk (I used Alpine evaporated milk)
~ Butter or margarine
~ Salt and pepper to taste
~ Prepare a pot , blender, knife, spoon

Baby Steps:

1. When buying squash, pick the ones with skin like the upper left pic. Usually, the soup turns out really thick and creamy with this kind of squash. The insides of this type are of a yellowish-orange color. Get half of the squash, slice it according to its vertical partition, remove the skin, then cut into medium-sized cubes.

2. Put the squash cubes in a pot and add water. Just make sure that the water's just enough to cover the squash (top photo). Place over high heat, then lower the fire when it starts to boil. Simmer until the squash turns soft.

3. Test the squash if it's soft enough by cutting or mashing the squash cube with a knife. If the knife goes through it without resistance or it seems soft enough for mashing, remove the pot from heat. Let it cool a bit.

4. While waiting for the squash to cool, you can fry the bacon. Chop it into small pieces, fry till crisp and drain the oil out on tissue. Set aside.

5. When the squash is a bit cool, transfer some pieces of squash and the water used for boiling into the blender.

Try to balance out the water-squash mixture, making sure that there is enough water for the blender to mash the squash well enough - but add water little by little. We don't want a soupy consistency at this point. Blend!

Add the remaining squash and water into the blended mixture and blend little by little. Do this until you have blended all the squash cubes.

6. Check the consistency of the mix; this is how it should look like - creamy and slightly thick like the picture above. After blending, pour the mixture back into the pot. Return to fire over low heat.

For the following ingredients, I don't really have measurements for it; I go by taste. :) 


7. Add milk as desired. I usually use a small can of Alpine evaporated milk but when I think that more is needed, I add fresh milk.

8. Add a slice of butter / margarine; melt this well into the mixture. Remember to add ingredients little by little to balance out the taste. Make sure that the squash taste is still distinct.

9. Add salt to taste. Not too much though, as there's still bacon to top your soup with.

10. At this point, taste the soup. Balance the soup flavor with the ingredients above.

11. Should you want a little kick, sprinkle a dash of pepper. :) Let it boil once, then remove from fire.

12. Pour in a small bowl for serving.

13. Garnish with bacon, croutons and parsley. I forgot to buy croutons and parsley, haha!

14. Voila! Squash's soup done!

I know there's too many things to wash, but I'm telling you - it's worth it! :) Serve this with roast beef, salad or fish dishes - winner 'to!

Hearty slurping! :D

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