01 March 2014

Home-made: Yummy Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie!


A big HELLO to you guys! Finally got around to sorting my photos and writing an entry! I know I haven't updated my blog for the longest time ever, but one of my resolutions this year is to keep this blog up and going! Well, good luck to me! :p

Anyways, in a few weeks, it'll be summer again! Though we're still experiencing chilly nights and mornings, has anyone noticed that days are getting longer? The sun sets wayyy past 6pm already! Here's wishing that summer won't be too hot because of our extended christmas-y weather, haha!

Here's a cool healthy drink we can do once the hot months come in - very simple and it's super yummy pa! But you can have this all-year round, too!

For 3 servings, we would need :

- banana (around 6 pieces of lakatan is fine)

- peanut butter (Pan de Manila was available at home that time)

- 1 big cup of Nestle plain creamy yogurt

- ice cubes

- almond chips for toppings (optional; you can buy this at House of Nuts)

Baby steps:

1) Slice the bananas into small pieces.

Soak the sliced pieces in cold water while slicing other bananas, so they won't turn brown and soggy.


2) After slicing, put the bananas inside the blender. Do not put all the bananas in one go... do this in batches.


3) Pour just enough yogurt to cover all banana pieces.


4) Add a dollop / tablespoon of peanut butter. Mix it in with the bananas and yogurt.


5) Add the ice cubes and blend.


6) Mix it up a bit and taste.


7) Put in the rest of the bananas, then add yogurt and peanut butter according to your preferred taste. Don't forget to blend with ice cubes.


8) Pour into glasses, and top with almond chips if desired.


9) Serve and enjoy!

Seriously, i love this drink. I swear I could finish the whole blender container if there's nobody to share it with (and if I won't have a major tummy ache after), haha! Isn't this a great drink to have on a lazy Sunday afternoon while reading a book or watching back episodes of your fave series? ;)

That's it for the meantime! Hope you liked it, till my next post!


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