02 June 2013

Eating Out: Korean Dining at Bulgogi Brothers 2X!

Hi friendships! As promised, here's part dul 둘 (two in korean) of my very good dining experience in Bulgogi Brothers (BB), this time with brothers J and R, and Ate T at its SM Mall of Asia branch last February!

Actually, naawa ako kay brother R kasi he's never eaten there, and naenganyo naman si Ate T sa mga kwentong pagkain ko the last time we were there... that's why one afternoon, before going through our usual condo Sunday routine, we decided to stop by BB's SM MOA for an early dinner.

I don't remember if the boys ordered soda (malamang si brother J lang; R is more health-conscious and prefers water), but these are the drinks we had on the table:

[Bori (Barley) Cha and water with cucumber and lemon slices]

As usual, Ate T and I opted for the Barley tea, which 'quenches thirst, stimulates apetite and aids digestion'. It's great being informed of the benefits of the teas they serve. I also like the taste of barley, but I prefer the corn tea we had in the Alabang Town Center branch. And I'm still crushing on the tea thermos, haha! The water with cucumber and lemon slices was a refreshing surprise! For me, it cleansed the palate everytime I took a sip after every bite! :)

Here are the dishes we devoured that night:

The banchan (side dishes) served included the usual kimchi and grilled eggplant. My favorite salad was gone, and instead was replaced by pickled strips of different vegetables (i remember carrots, zucchini and water chesnut/singkamas). Not included in the photo were the 'boiled trio' (corn on the cob, boiled sweet potato and quail eggs).


[Dubu Steak (6 pieces) - Php 245]

For our appetizer, we got the dubu 두 부 (tofu) steak - we all love tofu and for sure mauubos 'to agad. Hehe! It's 'fried crispy tofu with terriyaki sauce and bean sprouts' - delicious dish!! The tofu was crisped to perfection, while the terriyaki sauce complemented the silky taste of the soft tofu. The bean sprouts provided that extra crunch to the dish.

[The dish was kept warm by this stylish mini burner under the steel plate - nice! ;) ]

[Sogogi Japchae - Php 350]

Japchae (잡 채) is the Korean pancit bihon. Honestly, I like japchae more than our own bihon, because the noodles are stickier and tastier for me. I make it a point to order it whenever I dine at Korean restaurants. As described in the menu, it's made up of glass noodles, beef, bell pepper and onions and seasoned with soy sauce. I found their version a tad sweet for my taste... I prefer the Sambokojin version, which I will blog about later on and link it with this post (kelan kaya?). See those penne-shaped yellow things surrounding the noodles? They are sticky, chewy ricecake-like thingies which I really like - na-tone down yung sweetness ng noodles while chewing on them. :) The japchae was also kept warm by a mini-burner.


[Unyang Style Bulgogi (12 pcs.) - Php 995]
Finally, here was the star of the table that night - the Unyang Style Bulgogi (억양석 불고기)! Not much info about it on the menu except that it's a 'famous royal cuisine'. 12 heart-shaped patties marinated and grilled so well - it's like your regular patty but masarap! The meat was so tender to the bite and flavorful, I had to restrain myself from finishing my bowl of rice (Yeah, I'm perpetually on rice diet pero hindi ulam diet, harhar)! As expected, this was wiped out fast, sobrang busog mga boys kaya hirap magdrive after, hihi!
So that's my BB experience! Good serving, good food! Kayo, what would you recommend I try next time? :)
What: Bulgogi Brothers SM Mall of Asia
Where: SM Mall of Asia, 2nd floor Entertainment Mall, Southwing, Seaside Blvd, Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay (near Pepper Lunch); (02) 823-2778
How much: Php 400 - 600 pax; you can see their menu here :)


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