05 June 2013

Home-based: Pork Leg with White Beans and Camote Tops/Leaves Stew

This is a dish Mommy J says is with Ilocano origins (she's an Ilocano, by the way), but Ate T cooks this with so much aplomb, kala mo ilokana sya! Ate T says that in Iloilo (her hometown), pork leg is stewed with monggo beans and green papaya - I wonder how that tastes, hehe!

Anyways, only a few people know about this dish, so I'm sharing with you the steps on how to make this sinful yet so delicious dish!

Pork Leg with White Beans and Camote Tops Stew

What you need:
1 whole pork leg or pata, sliced into pieces
1 cup white beans
4-5 cups of water
1 bundle camote tops/leaves, washed
1 tablespoon of chopped garlic
1 tablespoon of chopped onions
Salt and fish sauce (patis) to taste

Baby Steps:
1. We start by cooking the beans. I tried this brand of beans I bought in SM Hypermarket, and the beans were quite sticky when cooked. I'm telling you, the stickier / malagkit the beans, the better and tastier this dish will turn out to be!
If you can't find that brand, look for white beans that are slightly elongated in shape, like the ones above. Not too long ha! They're mid-sized beans and by experience, are usually sticky when cooked. Maybe you can find it too in your local wet market.
Place 4-5 cups of water in a pot, and put 1 cup of white beans. Simmer in low fire until cooked.
You will know that the beans are cooked when the skins are peeling away from the beans and are soft when mashed. Ate T suggests that the beans be cooked first, as it takes a while before it softens.

2. Place the sliced pork leg pieces in a pot, cover and let simmer under low fire until cooked. Note that there is no water involved; the juices from the meat will cook the meat itself. (Hence, iprito mo sya sa sarili nyang mantika. Hehe!) You will know that it's cooked already when the meat is soft/tender.

3. After the pork leg and beans are cooked, put the pork leg pieces into the pot with beans.
Mix them a bit, then cover under low fire until it boils.

4. While waiting for the pork leg and beans mix to boil, sauté onions and garlic in a pan until cooked. Set aside.

5. Once the pork leg and beans mix is boiling, lower the fire then mix in the sautéed onion and garlic.
Season with salt and fish sauce as desired.

6. Now add in the camote tops/leaves on top, mix once then cover until it boils.
Once boiling, turn off the fire.

7. Place in a deep bowl and serve! A mix of soy sauce and vinegar as dipping sauce or sawsawan takes out the richness of the pork leg.

That wasn't so bad, wasn't it? Truthfully, I haven't cooked this dish on my own, but I hover around the kitchen, ask Ate T a gazillion questions and do a lot of taste-tests that I feel I know how to do it already, haha! Feeling lang yun haha!
Hope you get to enjoy this dish as much as I always do, and share your thoughts in the comments box below what you guys think of it! Happy eating!

Budget: around Php 250, good for 6 people (and still some leftover for the next day! :p)

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